Be a Shareholder of RX Click

Be a shareholder of RX Click with a starting investment of RM3000 for a total of 30 shares per block.

Who we are

RX Click is a Pharma Tech company specializing in Pharmacy Mobile Application with 5 years professional experience to provide solution for this ever growing market in Malaysia.

With RX Click application, consumer pharmacy experience will be more accessible, convenient and safe.

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Minimum Target (RM)


Maximum Target (RM)

Early Bird Incentives Offer
Early Adopters Reward

Those who invest in RX Click during Pre-Live will be entitled to bonus shares on top of their Ordinary Shares, depending on the package chosen.

Fund Utilization
How we plan to use the funds.


63% of the funds will be used for our marketing campaign to drive app installation at scale & encourage in-app action and usage.


19% will be used for salaries which comprises of:

  • App Administrator
  • Finance and admin
  • Marketing
  • On boarders – 5
  • Operations Manager
  • Admin Clerk


10% will be used for our operational costs.


8% will be used for Technology. Including app maintenance, scheduled updates and data storage.

Why Invest in RX Click
Low Operational Costs

By having an online presence, we save on expenses like rent and premise and can be run on minimal staffs.

Low risk, Faster Turnover

Can reach more customers, and increase sales volume by marketing our services.

Consistent Sales and Customer Retention

RX click connects to multiple pharmacy at one time, offering multiple discount, loyalty programmes, online payment and on demand delivery.

Better Customer Experience

RX click app provides convenience, safety and privacy for customers.

Future Go-to-App Healthcare

RX click is a mobile app that has the potential to be a Go-to-App to include all Healthcare services in 1 platform.

Digital Business Expansion

Be apart of a digital business that can grow exponentially throughout South East Asia in the next 5 years.


Start your investment journey with RX Click now.

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    *Face to Face meet will be held at Bangsar Shopping Complex(BSC)@DOME and Austin 18 Versatile Business Suites, JB. Online Google Meet session will be based on scheduled appointments

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