4 Ways How A Community Pharmacist Can Help You

Do you know that a pharmacist can do much more than get you the medicine your doctor prescribed? Your pharmacist is the first line of defence when it comes to medication counselling. From providing advice on dietary supplements, basic health and wellness, to ensuring that your treatment is uninterrupted; a pharmacist is a vital part of your healthcare regime. Here are 4 examples of how your pharmacist can help you.

1. Provide medication counselling
Do I really need to take this medication? Are there any side effects? When should I take this medicine? Medication regimes can sometimes be overwhelming! A pharmacist can be especially helpful when it comes to providing advice on the best time to take medicine, possible interaction with other drugs, natural supplements and possible side effects.

2. Administer medicine to show the correct usage
Certain medications such as insulin require a specific way of being administered. Your pharmacist can teach you how to administer the medicine by guiding you through the process so that you are ready to do it by yourself when you need to.

RX Click Fun Facts:
Did you know that Coca-Cola (Coke) was invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in his pharmacy in Atlanta in 1866?

3. Suggest medication for conditions that do not require diagnosis
Your pharmacist can take charge of certain situations that do not require a diagnosis from the doctor. For example, if you are travelling for a holiday and are at risk of contracting motion sickness and need medication for nausea, or you decide to quit smoking, your pharmacist can analyse the situation and prescribe the correct treatment.

4. Offer advice related to dietary supplements
Choosing the right dietary supplements from a variety of options can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. In such situations, a pharmacist can provide you with valuable advice on the brand, dosage and type of dietary supplements, recommending the one that best suits your needs.

Even though a pharmacist cannot diagnose or treat your illness, they are empowered to meet your needs in a number of ways to save you a lot of time and anxiety. And the best part is that you don’t need to visit the pharmacy to connect with the local pharmacist.

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